A feast of fantasy, the supernatural and horror from old and new masters of the genres. In this volume: The Dualitists, Bram Stoker; The Mysterious Mummy, Sax Rohmer; The Lighthouse, Edgar Allen Poe; The Eighty-Third, Katherine Fullerton Gerould; The Kid Learns, William Faulkener; The Monster of the Deep, John Collier; The Grip of Death, Robert Bloch; The Great Stone Death, John D. MacDonald; Vengeance by Proxy, John Wyndham; The Malice of Inanimate Objects, M.R. James; Borrhomeo the Astrologer, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu; Three Wishes, E. Antsey; The Haunted Pampero, William Hope Hodgson; The Magic Mirror, Algernon Blackwood; The Overman, Upton Sinclair; The House Party at Smoky Island, L.M. Montgomery; Shining Hat at Tarring Neville, T.H. White; A Modern Magician, Olaf Stapledon; The Glove, Fritz Leiber; The Hollow Land, William Morris; The Mystery of the Ultimate Hills, Ambrose Bierce; The Field Where the Satyrs Danced, Lord Dunsany; The Ageing Faun, Arthur Ransome; Biddulph, W. Heath Robinson; The Bat King, James Hilton; The Challenge From Beyond, H.P. Lovecraft; People of the Black Coast, Robert E. Howard; The Ravages of Spring, John Gardner; Bright Pheonix, Ray Bradbury.