In this collection of ghostly chillers…The Haunted Haven, A.E. Ellis: A summer tourist learns why the fishermen of Ticklas Haven do not use the southern cove, although it appears more sheltered and suitable in every way for use as a harbour…The Red Lodge, H.R. Wakefield: A family rents a summer house by a river and find that it is already inhabited by something that leaves patches of green slime on the floor…Meeting Mr. Millar, Robert Aickman: A London writer is almost forced to give up his attic apartment when a noisy firm of chartered accountants moves onto one of the lower floors. The noises at night are especially disturbing…Midnight Express, Alfred Noyes: An illustration in a battered old book is so disturbing that a young lad pins two pages together to avoid the sight of ‘…an empty railway platform –  at night – lit by a single dreary lamp…’ But years later, he finds himself on that platform at night – but not alone…The Gorgon’s Head, Gertrude Bacon: A ship’s captain tells  the story of a Greek island he once visited, where he found a valley filled with tall, black stones. The Tree, Joyce Marsh: An Indian woman wishes her dying husband could gain the strength and life of an old oak outside her bedroom window. Her husband regains his health and the oak dies…but what is the cost? The Haunted and the Haunters, Lord Lytton: A man, his servant and his dog attempt to spend the night in a haunted house.  Bezhin Lea, Ivan Sergeivitch Turgenev: A grouse hunter gets lost on the steppes and is drawn to the camp fire of a group of horse drovers, who have some very strange tales to tell. The Last Séance, Agatha Christie: A man persuades his mediumistic fiancée to perform just one more séance for a woman who has lost her only child…with a disastrous end.   N.B.  This is the last collection by Robert Aickman.