In this volume: Three’s A Cloud: A quiet and reclusive man uncharacteristically befriends a couple he meets in a pub. All The World’s Tears: In a grim future, everything from the bee’s pollination to the weather is minutely controlled – people are afraid of each other – and to breed requires a Mating Centre…rebellion is not far away…Who Can Replace A Man? Sentient serving robots are at a loss after the disappearance of humanity…  Blighted Profile: An old man living in a post-apocalyptic era longs for better, greener times – but the time machines can only travel to the past.  He is determined to visit – the future! Judas Danced: A killer seems fated to murder his victim again – and again – and again… O Ishrail!  A witness to an intergalactic war is confined to a mental hospital – yet one man believes him. How can they prove the story is true?  Incentive: A group of rebel fighters – Isolationists – fight to keep Earth out of the Multi-Planet Federation. Gene Hive: An attempt to heal a radiation sickness patient on the cellular level goes very, very wrong. Secret Of A Mighty City: In the future, what will have changed – and what will be just the same?; They Shall Inherit: In a time when genetic modification is commonplace, an animal geneticist and a human geneticist are appalled by each other’s work.  Visiting Amoeba: A strange planet is found between galaxies where no planet should be…is it a threat? And is the joining of foes against this threat best way to deal with it? Cover art by Bruce Pennington.