The Dark Ages: the Romans have gone, leaving Britain ravaged by warfare, bitter rivalries, superstition and wild magic.  Born into this world, Guinevere, the daughter of a mighty pagan queen is a threat to her people and a prize to the dread sorcerer Merlin. Sent into hiding she grows up under the protection of a shape-shifter and a cantankerous Druid, watched over by dragons.  Yet using dark arts, Merlin tracks her down, for he alone knows what has been foretold and he will stop at nothing to prevent Guinevere becoming queen and Arthur king – for peace will come and leave Merlin powerless and forgotten. But Guinevere is no more mortal – she has powers she must control, yet  they must be strong enough to rival those of Merlin. With Arthur trapped in a netherworld, she must confront Merlin alone.