The king is dead, murdered by a strange and horrible poison. But while the land of Delain mourns, the magician, Flagg – unscrupulous, greedy and powerful – makes plots. Soon, the king’s eldest son, Peter, is imprisoned at the top of the highest tower, the Needle, for his father’s murder and his younger brother Thomas inherits the throne. Only Peter knows the truth of his own innocence and the truth of the evil that is Flagg. Only Peter can save Delain from the horror that Flagg has in store. He has a plan but it is dangerous and desperate and if he fails there will be no second chance. And all the while, Flagg’s words echo in his mind: I’ll carry your head on my saddle-horn for a thousand years!  Here I come, Peter! Coming for your head! Featuring plenty of heroic adventure, dragons and princes, mysterious mice and magical men.