An in-depth look at ghost hunters, both past and present, by the President of the Ghost Club. Who are these intrepid explorers of the unknown? How do they probe and examine the realms of the seemingly inexplicable? What are their conclusions?Here are some of the most famous names in psychical investigation. Harry Price: his examination of Borley Rectory, ‘the most haunted house in England’, extended over a period of twenty years; Elliot O’Donnell: his inherited faculty of psychic awareness enabled him to encounter scores of ghosts throughout his prodigious career; James Wentworth Day: he witnessed a group of phantom cavalrymen in broad daylight. The sight so impressed him that he spent the rest of his life in search of similar ghostly visions in many of the most haunted houses in Britain, including Glamis Castle; Thurston Hopkins: the old man of Sussex met ghosts on and off all his life and firmly believed that one of them once saved him from premature death; occult authorĀ  Dennis Wheatley pursued his interest in ghost hunting following his psychic experience as a boy; and much much more. Illustrated with black and white photographs.