Professor Constable’s only daughter was dead of leukaemia at the age of ten. Constable, a world famous scientist, was convinced that she was in communication with him beyond the grave. Were the ‘spirit manifestations’ of Mary Constable a depraved and cunning confidence game? Or were they as they appeared to be – genuine? AS Constable was a key Government scientist working on a project of world-shaking importance, Washington sent Alexander Hero, chief investigator for the British Society for Psychical Research. Working against time, Hero sees the evidence that had convinced the Professor – a translucent, hollow, seamless wax hand, complete with identifiable finger prints – the hand of Mary Constable. With each passing hour, the spirit of Mary seemed to be literally sapping her father’s will, driving him to abandon work on Operation Foxglove, vital to the defence of the West. Alone in New York, surrounded by officials who regarded him with suspicion, Hero had to expose the spirit-daughter as a diabolical hoax. Suddenly he found an ally – a beautiful girl as well-versed  in professional magic as Hero was in psychic phenomena. Hero had only seconds to decide – and the wrong decision would cost him his life.