Book III of the Overseer series. Wilson Dowling is the Overseer – a man transported from the year 2081 to carry out a series of vital missions encoded in the Dead Sea Scrolls. His latest assignment had seemed simple enough – to lead the American explorer Hiram Bingham to Maccu Picchu, the Lost City of the Incas. However, he discovers that history has gone dramatically off course. The Golden Cube of the Sun God – safely hidden at Machu Piccu for hundreds of years – has been stolen. Whoever possesses it could potentially unleash a dangerous power that is beyond their comprehension – and their control. Not only that, but without it Wilson can never gain transport home. Pursued by a tribe of fierce female warriors, the ancient guardians of the Lost City, Wilson races to find the deadly treasure before he is stranded forever in the past…And before the entire world is thrown into chaos.