A collection of stories spanning Darkover  history. In this volume: THE SETTLEMENT: Vai Dom, Diana L. Paxson; The Forest, C. McQuillin. THE AGES OF CHAOS:  There Is Always An Alternative, Patricia Mathews; The Tale of Durraman’s Donkey, Eileen Ledbetter; The Fires Of Her Vengeance, Susan M. Shwartz; Circle Of Light, Kathleen Williams; The Alton Gift, Elisabeth Waters; The Answer, Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah. UNDER THE COMYN:  The Rescue, Linda MacKendrick; The Keeper’s Price, Marion Zimmer Bradley and Elisabeth Waters; The Hawk-Master’s Son, Marion Zimmer Bradley; A Simple Dream, Penny Ziegler, M.D.; Paloma Blanca, Patricia Mathews; Blood Will Tell, Marion Zimmer Bradley. AFTER THE FALL OF THE COMYN: Ambassador to Corresanti, Linda Frankel; A View From The Reconstruction, Paula Crunk.