Book I of the Ea Cycle. On the island continent of Ea it is late in the Age of the Dragon. It is a dark time of chaos, war and the dashed dreams of long lost ages. Once again Morjin, the fallen angel, is seeking the Lightstone. With it he will eventually find a way to free the Lord of Lies, the dark arch-angel imprisoned for a million years. But it is also a time of light as the earth and sun once again enter the Golden Band. A champion has been born who will seek the Lightstone so that the prophecy of a new and glorious age can be fulfilled. his name is Valashu Elahad, the seventh son the King of Mesh. Blessed – or cursed? – with an empathy for all living things, he will lead the people into the Lands of Morjin, into the heart of darkness, wielding a magical sword called Alkaladur.