The timeless story of Camelot, Arthur, Guinevere, Launcelot and the Knights is told through the eyes of the women of Arthur’s life from their childhoods through the ultimate fulfillment of their destinies. His mother, Igraine; Viviane, High Priestess of Avalon and Lady of the Lake who helps Arthur to the throne; Guinevere, his wife, who marries Arthur yet who is in love with Launcelot; and Morgaine, his half-sister, separated from Arthur while both were still children, only to meet again at Arthur’s king-making without recognising each other.  Morgaine, small, dark, intense, who has the Sight and loves Launcelot passionately.   The Knights of the Round Table take on their infamous quest, as the Merlin and Viviane wield their magics for the future of Old Britain and the Isle of Avalon slips further into the impenetrable mists of memory…Cover art by Braldt Bralds.