Every hero has a story. Every story has a hero. We are all the hero of our own tale -as are the legions of monsters, from Lucifer to Mordred, from child-thieving fairies to Frankenstein’s monster and the Wicked Witch of the West. From the point of view of an outsider, they may very well be horrible, terrifying monstrosities, but of course they won’t see themselves in the same light. Demons and goblins, dark gods and aliens, creatures of myth and legend, lurkers in darkness and beasts in human clothing…In this volume: The Awkward Age, David Liss; a young  ghoul seduces her playmate’s father…Saint John, Jonathan Maberry: A serial killer becomes an angel of mercy for orphaned children during the Apocalypse. Rue, Lauren Groff: an old witch tricks a young woman into surrogate motherhood. Succumb, John McIlveen: A seductress – and a sinful preacher? Torn Stitches, Shattered Glass: A return to Frankenstein’s ostracised creation. Rattler And The Mothman, Sharyn McCrumb: A hermit encounters an ancient, intelligent flying creature. Big Man, David Moody: How deeply we can misunderstand the monstrous…Rakshasi, Kelley Armstrong: A demon who has done penance for her crimes for 200 hundred years as a human is not given her freedom..so she takes matters into her own hands. Breeding The Demons, Nate Kenyon: The darkness in the heart of an artist causes him to be caught between two worlds. Siren Song, Dana Stabenow: The Akulurak sisters are accused of luring and murdering a pimp – but who is the real mosnter? Less Of A Girl: There are definitely scary things under the bed…The Cruel Thief Of Rosy Infants, Tom Piccirilli:  A fae is charged with his family’s ancient duty of stealing human babies and substituting them with one of his own race. The Screaming Room, Sarah Pinborough: A rejected gorgon enjoys the sound of her victim being turned to stone…Wicked Be, Heather Graham: A witch just wants to be – normal. Specimen 313: Giant, mutated gene-spliced carnivorous plants begin to feel human emotions. The Lake,  Tananarive Due: A woman moves to Florida for a new start – a new home – a new everything…and gets it. The Other One, Michael Marshall Smith: A woman in her late 30s is bored with her life – but is there another one of her living the life she wants? And Still You Wonder Why Our First Impulse Is To Kill You, Gary A. Braunbeck: a highly original and humorous examination of the monstrous – and why monsters don’t like Ken dolls…Jesus And Satan Go Jogging In The Desert, Simon R. Green: The tale of Satan’s offer of temptations to Jesus – told from Satan’s point of view. Cover art by Per Haagensen.