Hunter Hawk has a knack for annoying his ultra respectable relatives. He likes to experiment – particularly with explosives. His garage-cum-laboratory is a veritable minefield, replete with evil-smelling clouds of vapor through which various bits of wreckage and mysteriously bubbling test tubes are occasionally visible.  With the help of Megaera, a fetching nine-hundred-year-old lady leprechaun he meets one night in the woods, he masters the art (if not the timing) of transforming statues into people – and people into statues. It seems natural to try out this new experiment on his annoying relatives – success! With them safely out of the way, he tries it in reverse in the stately halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art – setting Bacchus, Mercury, Neptune, Diana, Hebe, Apollo, and Perseus loose on the unsuspecting citizenry of Prohibition-era New York.