A selection of the stories, novelettes and novellas that make up Heinlein’s Future History, considered by many to be his richest and most prophetic work, written largely between 1939 and 1950. In this volume: “—We Also Walk Dogs”: General Services is a marvellous company – they’ll do your shopping for you, walk your dog – is there anything they won’t do?  Searchlight: A young blind girl, an excellent pianist, is on her way to entertain troops stationed at a moonbase when her rock-ship crashes – the search is on, using music as a locator! Ordeal in Space: A spaceship crewman ends up adrift in space while trying to repair an antenna and has plenty of time to ponder on his life. When he returns to Earth, he knows he must conquer his fears, but how will be able to do it? The Green Hills of Earth : A blind bard and poet travels the solar system singing but when he feels his life is drawing to a close he decides to hitchhike back to Earth – but there is still something for him to do… Logic of Empire: Two wealthy Earthmen argue whether there is slavery on Venus – and after a lot of drinks, they find out the hard way.   The Menace from Earth: A glamorous lady tourist visits the moon, causing a lot of heartache and hot-headedness between two teenagers.  “If This Goes On—”: In a future theocratic United States, a young military officer not only begins to question Society’s fundamentalist Christian  principles, but also falls in love with one of the Prophet’s virgins. Coventry: In a future where criminals can be psychologically cured of their undesirable traits, David McKinnon, on trial for assault, elects to go to Coventry with the other unregenerates, rather than live in boredom. But he finds Coventry is three separate ‘countries’ and is immediately jailed on entering the first one. Befriended by a man known as ‘Fader’ who helps him escape from jail. They learn that two of the three breakaway nations are planning to attack the peaceful Utopia and they escape Coventry to try and warn the nation that exiled them both. Misfit: Andrew Jackson Libby, an Earth lad with fantastic mathematical ability but few opportunitees, joins the  military-led Civilian Conservation Corps working to colonise the solar system. And all they have to do is nudge an asteroid into a more convenient orbit…Cover art by Tim White.