In this fabulous volume of van Vogt’s best: The Great Engine: A space ship is damaged by a meteor – and its propulsion mechanism falls to Earth to be discovered by an embittered hermit, a veteran of World War II. The Great Judge: An inventor in the year 2460 is sentenced to death for insulting the absolute dictator – but one of his inventions may yet save him… Secret Unattainable: Memos, telegrams and interview  transcripts reveal that the Gestapo, the Reich’s Bureau of Physics, Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler may have learnt hyperspatial travel…The Harmoniser: When an alien craft crashes on Earth among the dinosaurs 80 million years ago, all the occupants are killed but the cargo of ‘ibis plants’ survive – and thrive! Heir Unapparent: War is abolished – but one man has the power of total destruction. The Second Solution: When a ship crashes on Earth carrying a monstrous alien creature and its offspring for scientific research, the order is given to execute both – but the baby, a dark-blue, intelligent, razor-clawed, six-legged, telepathic killer about the size of an adult lion escapes into the forest and begins to wreak havoc. Film Library: Mr Arlay’s educational film distribution business runs into trouble when his films suddenly start showing what seems to be future inventions. Asylum: An alien couple land on Earth and they’re very hungry – fortunately, there are plenty of humans to suck blood and energy from.  Cover art by Chris Foss.