A book full of information, pictures and maps of land battles throughout history that proves it was not always about who had the biggest army. In this volume – Metaurus – after the toughest forced march in history, Nero slays Hasdrubal; Agincourt – massed archers and infantry slaughter the French cavalry; Bunker Hill – a thousand farmers ignite the flame of American independence; Austerlitz – Napoleon crushes an army bigger than his own; Balaclava – a battle of idiocy and sheer courage; Second Bull Run – a high spot for the South in the American Civil War; The Somme – slaughter on a scale never seen before or since; Cambrai – tanks explode into action for the first time; Gazala – Rommels’ fast moving tactical brilliance; Stalingrad – Hitler’s obstinacy leads the Wehrmacht to disaster; Cassino and Anzio – Allied forces combine to force a breakthrough; The Battle Of The Bulge – fast moving Panzers against Eisenhower, Montgomery and Patton; Operation Commando – a true ‘United Nations; against the Chinese in Korea. Illustrated with archival photographs, artists’ representations and maps.