In the long tide of history, the world-famous reticence of the British is a very recent development. Less than a hundred years old, in fact. The rakish Regency, the roistering Restoration and the downright rowdyism of Tudor times are older and more firmly rooted traditions among these tough island people than Victorian middle-class morality. It needed only a gadget – a mechanical marvel – to make the British dispense with polite folderol and come right out with the admission that SEX did exist. Thus admitted, the English Government (always fiercely partisan in its gloriously muddle-headed fashion) refused to permit anybody to be without sex. To ensure that no-one goes without, all citizens will wear and Emotional Register on their forehead – which glows pink when the wearer is feeling frisky…saucy…amorous… Anyone could have told them this would make trouble and the result makes the permissive society look like a vicarage tea-party – with plenty of hilarious, fantastic and sometimes dangerous consequences. Regarded as daring, original and funny; first published in 1961.