Robot 0.2. Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics have since been programmed into real computers the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and used as the outline for a legal robotic charter. The Rest of The Robots…are not simple unthinking machines victimised by frightened men: Robot Tony is the first robot designed to perform domestic duties by the US Robots and Mechanical Men Corporation. Is it Tony’s fault that the lady of the house where he’s field tested falls in love with him? The Rest of the Robots…are positronic with brains of platinum-iridium. Independent. Precision eng8i9neered. Sensible. Rational… Robot Al  was intended for shipment to a mining outfit on the moon. Instead, he’s loose in the mountains of Virginia…building from scraps of junk his very own, very dangerous disintegrator. Robot Lenny answers workaday questions in baby-talk. So why is Dr Susan Calvin, the world’s top robopsychologist, fascinated by this messed up specimen of an industrial robot? The Rest of the Robots…Asimov’s final, classic terrifying picture of robotic developments in the future…Cover art by Dennis Rolfe.