A second volume of letters to that august, imposing publication, The Times from the early 1900s up until the 1980snot only from the man in the street,  but from luminaries such as Evelyn Waugh (earning an honest dollar); Sir Thomas Beecham (on tempo, naturally);  Agatha Christie (on Shakespeare); Joyce Grenfell (‘glamouramas’) Robert Graves, author of I, CLaudius (on the bliss of being ignored) and so many more.  Other topics that have stirred a letter to The Times: trouser turn-ups; the origin of marmalade; the whereabouts of Ruritania; hygiene and the Communion cup; top hats; how to get a message to an express train (pre-mobile phone days…); Oliver Cromwell’s head; the sinking of the Titanic and perfect manners.  Great for the social historian – or just for fun.