During the 1930s Depression years, the Virginia Writers project sent authors, editors and reporters out into the coves and hollows of the Appalachian Mountains and record the beliefs, traditions and superstitions of the mountain folk. Although the stories were duly collected, transcribed and sent to Richmond with the idea of publishing a book on American folklore the ultimate goal was never accomplished and the stories were archived in the University of Virginia. The stories in this volume have drawn heavily on the Virginia Project and goes beyond that Рproceeding  from the assumption that the tales of the mountain folk were heavily influenced by the experiences of their ancestors,  many of whom were of Scottish, Irish or German origin and who settled in Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas. As a result, tales about Cajuns, Indians and Spaniards are incorporated. Through the 75 + stories in this volume, there emerges a comprehensive overview of the beliefs and practices of a segment of the population to whom witches and witchcraft were a part of daily life.