The little-known, backwater planet Pewamo seemed an unlikely site for bomb-throwers, pornographers and maniacs- yet Admiral Beagle, ever-watchful for the moral safety of his world, could tell you that such unsavory individuals were collecting in droves on Pewamo. Normally¬† the habitat of slumberous vacationers and odd pink clouds that floated idly overhead and didn’t bother anybody – but then Anthony Villiers arrived on Pewamo, bringing his obdurately alien companion Torve the Trog – and the planet would never be the same again. Strange sounds were heard regularly in the night. Villiers spoke in riddles when questioned by Admiral Beagle. Torve the Trog rode his speedy red tricycle on obscure missions. And somehow an army gathered around them. But not even Villiers knew that one of the men he’d attracted was an assassin, sent to kill him…Cover art by Kelly Freas.