The Vampyre of Moura: Anne Wicklow returns to Moura to assume the duties of housekeeper to the new tenants in the home she once shared with her late husband. The mysterious Stavko and his daughter Tyra are running Moura as an academy for young ladies. Anne must deal with her own memories as well as the strangely disturbing aura at Moura.  Sinister events occur and Anne is irresistibly drawn to Stavko although revolted by him, while at the same time she is attracted to the dashing Captain who comes to teach the girls, although he is Tyra’s lover.

Return To Moura: In the English village of Maidenmoor, Anne Wicklow uncovers the story of the Devil-Vicar who was burnt to death in a devastating fire. Now it appears the powers of the Devil-Vicar, dead for twenty years,  are reaching from beyond the grave.  An evil presence is stalking the village, murdering those who were involved in the fire. Anne digs into the past in an attempt to stop the killings.  The more she discovers about the infamous Devil-Vicar, the more she finds herself falling in love with him.