Described as a ‘bombshell of a book’ The Vatican Billions reveals the facts behind one of the great scandals of the modern age – the enormous temporal wealth of the Roman Catholic Church, a major matter for controversy both within and without its fold. Is it true that the church is the most powerful financial of all time? If so, how many thousands of millions does it handle? How much real estate? How much in stocks, bonds and trusts? How many shares in oil, chemical engineering and other mammoth corporations – including the space race? Now we have passed the end of the millennium, does it now control at least one-third of the total wealth of Europe and America?  Manhattan’s research into the origins and progressive accumulations of the Vatican’s investments discloses not only how this vast wealth of material fortunes has built up over the centuries, but also why it became the policy of successive Popes, as well as other Church organisations, to pursue the treasures of this world, in spite of Christ’s commandment to His followers to ‘seek first the Kingdom of God’. Forget the Da Vinci code – this is the real deal.