A Gregory Sallust adventure, No. 11. The war is long over, but danger and excitement still cling to ex-agent Gregory Sallust. Boredom leads him to Rio de Janeiro, where he is soon drawn into an adventure that takes him to the South Pacific.  Circumstance leads to him becoming the friend of a young South Seas Rajah, Ratu James Omboluku, there to secure finance to recover treasure from a sunken ship lying off the island he rules; and he intends to use this treasure for the betterment of his people. But others, led by the unscrupulous Pierre Lacost, are also planning to recover the treasure, and it is not long before Gregory, having an affair with the passionate Manon de Bois-Tracy, finds himself surrounded by blackmail, kidnapping, the most ruthless thugs he has ever encountered – and murder and black magic that turn the paradise of the islands into a place of horror and death.