When William Halleck and his wife Heidi go on their second honeymoon, it’s partly to take their minds off the worrying fact that Bill’s losing weight quickly – and he isn’t on a diet. It’s also to forget the dreadful accident that killed a gypsy woman and landed Bill in court; to forget Heidi’s excessive smoking and Bill’s excessive eating have been a strain on the marriage; and for Billy to forget the frightfully disfigured face of the old gypsy man outside the court house.  But the second honeymoon is soon forgotten as the weight continues to fall away from Bill, no matter how much he eats. He goes through rigorous tests and terrible strain but no cause can be diagnosed.  But Bill knows – he knows that the gypsy with the rotting nose and the dead woman are at the bottom of it all.  He has been cursed – and there’s precious little he can do about it. Until Richard Ginelli, his long time friend and New York gang leader comes to his aid bringing with him the force of another kind of curse: the curse of the white man from town…Cover art by Paul Davies.