We’d all like to save the world but there seems to be a lot of it and the individual seems so puny.  Hence the appeal of the very marketable Claustrosphere, invented by despotic media mogul Plastic Tolstoy: a domestic, self-contained, stunningly tough eco-shelter for the average bloke.  It is also the most irresponsible idea ever: the death of the Earth becomes survivable. When Nathan, a self-absorbed British script writer gets access to Tolstoy to pitch his end-of-the-world movie, he feels his time has come.  But why is Nathan’s script so dangerous?  It’s the perfect vehicle for Max, the ex-jeans model and multi-media superstar.  And should Max be falling for beautiful and utterly stroppy eco-terrorist Rosalie?  And what is it about the Claustrosphere marketing campaign that requires the loss of innocence and the slaughter of the innocent?