This is the twelfth and final volume of E.V. Timms’ Australian historical saga that began with Forever To Remain,  written by his widow. The setting of the story is now the 1870s. Martha and Henry Gubby have prospered greatly and age has not dampened their vitality or lovable quirks. Their concern is now for their daughter Mary Ann of the golden voice that made them send her abroad to study singing with European masters. Her husband, Sir Henry Marriott has just died but it seems that something apart from the death of the baronet is troubling Mary Ann. They take a trip to England to see her  at Linton Hall. On the journey on the P. and O. liner, the Gubbys, their elder daughter Penelope and their son-in-law Simon Lee Challinor form a friendship with John Dunmore Lang, who played a significant role in the development of the colony; they become involved in the comedies and tragedies of shipboard life and in England, the discover Mary Ann’s secret.