Eighteen shorts by the master of sci-fi: In this volume: The Nine Billion Names of God: A Tibetan monastery hires a super-computer to list the nine billion names of God – with horrific results.  All the Time in the World: Time is altered so that the world’s treasures can be stolen. But who’s behind it? Encounter at Dawn: A survey starship with three scientists aboard find a planet on the far rim of the Milky Way, inhabit by bipeds very similar to themselves, but with vastly lower levels of technology. The Sentinel: A lunar exploration mission stumbles across a sentinel left by an ancient space-faring civilisation.  Into the Comet: A space ship exploring the nucleus of a comet experiences a dangerous computer malfunction. ‘If I Forget Thee, Oh Earth…’: A young lad living in a lunar colony is curious about his home planet of Earth. The Forgotten Enemy: After the solar system dives into a cloud of cosmic dust and Britain’s climate turns from temperate to arctic, a professor who has elected to stay with his books gets to observe some very sudden changes. The Reluctant Orchid: Keating, a timid orchid breeder with an overbearing aunt, comes across a carnivorous orchid – can he use it to commit the perfect murder and get rid of his hateful aunt? Security Check: A set designer for a science fiction TV programme seems to get too close to the truth.  No Morning After: An advanced alien race attempts to warn humans that the Sun is about to explode – but the only human they can find is a drunk! Who’s There? A space-station supervisor, receives a call that there is a small object in the same orbital projectory and that someone needs to go retrieve it. He decides to go himself – but has he just put on a haunted space-suit? Hide and Seek: During an interplanetary war, an agent must outrun the enemy and get his vital information to his mother ship.  Robin Hood, FRS: A tale of the efforts by the joint expedition members to recover an automatic supply rocket that has landed just out of reach, through a very unorthodox method.  Feathered Friend: Sven, a space construction worker, smuggles his pet canary aboard the space station.  An Ape About the House:  A bored housewife encourages her laboratory-bred serving ape to take up painting – and astonishes the art world. Green Fingers:  A Russian team member – a botanist – secretly engineers plant life that could survive on the Moon’s surface. Trouble with the Natives: Aliens visit a small English village and get frustrated with trying to communicate! Cover art by Peter Elson.