Book II of The Obsidian Trilogy. Young Kellen, once the disappointing son of the Great Mage, has become a powerful Knight-Mage.  valued for his bravery and skills as both warrior and wizard, Kellen joins the Elves’ war councils.  Yet he cannot convince the City that it is in terrible danger. His sister Idalia, a Wild Mage with healing ability, has pledged her heart to Jermayan, a proud Elven warrior.  Someday she will pay a tragic price for a world–saving work of Wild Magic, but until then, she can claim any joy life can offer her. Jermayan finds that everything changes when he bonds with a dragon while rescuing the Elf Prince and becomes the first Elven Mage in a thousand years. Furious at her enemies’ success with the dragon, the Demon Queen attacks in force and Light battles Dark.