Eleven short, sharp crisp stories.  Call Me Dumbo: Dumbo is married to Carl, and has three sons – but who is she really? Repeat Performance: A cinema owner who shows old movies witnesses odd occurrences at his establishment … And Isles Where Good Men Lie: An endless caravan of alien space craft are entering the solar system and disgorging a horde of fifteen-foot long insects that exude deadly bacteria. Scientists understand that these aliens are refugees, but how to stop them spreading a plague that will kill humanity? What Time Do You Call This? A scientist engaged in time-stream hopping appears in the apartment of a criminal. When the crook learns how the time-hop device operates, he steals it – but to what end? Communication: A bogus medium uses a computer to find out confidential information about his clients to convince them that the dead really can communicate – and then discovers the dead really CAN communicate. The Cosmic Cocktail Party: A super-computer housing the personalities of the dead to provide interaction with the living goes haywire when the dead start interacting with each other!The Happiest Day of Your Life: A future in which the cognitive and economic elite can, through hypnosis, drugs and surgery, get all their education in one day, resulting in eight-year-old attorneys and executives unable to converse with their parents because of their high IQs.  The Weapons of Isher II:  The most popular entertainment of the Space Empire is televised duelling – but a journalist discovers that the duels are nowhere near as ‘deadly’ as they  look; Pilot Plant: A cybernetics expert hears a mysterious disembodied voice just before a test flight of a new aircraft crashes; Telemart Three:  Holographic televisions of the future with a teleport means housewives can have their shopping instantly – and causes husbands to contemplate murder. Invasion of Privacy: Middle-class suburbanite George Ferguson’s mother-in-law has been dead for two weeks, but his son Sammy claims to have seen her alive and well – in the old abandoned house down the street.