Book VII of Wars of Light and Shadow.  When half-brothers Lysaer and Arithon defeated the Mistwraith, its revenge left them cursed to lifelong enmity.  Arithon, Master of Shadow, has defeated Lysaer’s Alliance of Light against immense odds. Having conquered the maze of Kewar, Arithon is now the guest of the formidable sorcerer, Davien the Betrayer. No one knows how his influence will affect Arithon’s recovered mage power, or his newly awakened rogue talent for prescience. Meanwhile, the Koriani enchantresses are determined to make him their captive and their pawn. And as the Alliance regroups, the core of their priesthood now stands corrupted by a dark cabal who plot to enslave their leader, Lysaer, and use the Mistwraith’s curse as their own private weapon to break the world’s order.  Cover art by Janny Wurts.