An alternate history set in 1973, which has been shaped by Washington losing the Battle of Lexington and being executed as a traitor. Now America is a British colony dreaming of independence. Columbus didn’t discover the Americas and the cultures of South America have not beenĀ  destroyed. Here is a British Empire which, in the 20th century, is still influenced by its Victorian creators. But this ideal is threatened by increasing unemployment and the threat of economic decline. The empire needs something to boost its fortunes. So is born an engineering project to link Britain with its colony: a tunnel beneath the sea. Employment will increase and manufacturing will prosper. Our hero isĀ  Captain August Washington, engineer & descendant of the traitor. As well as wishing to see the tunnel’s success, he wants to see his homeland achieve independence or – at least – the dominion status of Canada and Australia. He’s also in love with Iris, daughter of the genius behind the project, Sir Isambard Brassey-Brunel, who despises the upstart colonial engineer.If the project is a success, the credit will go to Washington and it is his hope that his success will at last erase the shame of George, hanged as a traitor to his king more than 200 years ago. Cover art by Rick Sternbach.