Uncanny deaths…Unearthly incidents…futures foretold…mystifying murders…they’re all here, explored by John Pinkney, lifelong student of the bizarre and inexplicable, founder of the Victorian UFO Research Society and writer for The Age and The Australian. In this volume: The Corpse, The Duke and The Nazi Spy – Murder in the Bahamas; ‘Don’t Disturb The Dead’ – Enigma Of The Iceman’s Curse; The Man Who Vanished From The Sky – Strange Disappearances And Deaths; The Book That Foretold Diana’s Doom – Premonitions In Book And Film; Did A White Lie Avert World War III? Nightmare In The Garden – Reports From Reality’s Edge; The Secret Agent And The Uncanny Cloud – Wartime Mysteries; Seashells In The Trees – Skyfalls and Other Riddles;  Insane Egotist – The Multi-Murderer Who Adored Publicity; The Dead Sailor Who Invaded A Photo – Ghost Mysteries; Did Amelia Die Or Did The Government Lie? Pilot Puzzle; Triangular Evidence – The Geometric Markings on UFO Victims’ Skins; The Woman Who Slept for 32 Years; Hell From Within – The Flames That Killed Jaqueline; Did James Leininger Live Before? Riddle Of The Reborns; Jewels From Jupiter – Forest Search For A Space Treasure; The Strange Case Of The Separated Sisters – Astonishing Coincidences; The Dream That Proved A ‘Dead’ Man Was Alive – Sleep And The Seventh Sense.