The cream of classic literati in Vogue articles and shorts.  In this volume: Conversational Kleptomania and Patchwork, G.B. Stern; Rather Late For Christmas, Here We Stand and There Was No More Sea, Mary Ellen Chase; A Prologue To America, Thomas Wolfe; My Life Is An Open Book, Clifton Fadiman; Home To Truro, Robert Nathan; The Clark’s Fork Valley, Wyoming, Ernest Hemingway; The World Within Us and I Remember Christmas In France, André Maurois; The Weather Of Our Soul and Red Mountain, Irwin Edman; Four Painters, Henrik Willem Van Loon; You’re On The Air Now, What This Country Needs, My Friends, Is More Love and Decor and the Morons, Ilka Chase; Souvenir, Splendide Apartment, I Love You – I Love You – I Love You, Chile Con Amore and No Trouble At All, Ludwig Bemelmans; Brooklyn Is My Neighbourhood, Carson McCullers; Happy Land and Now At Last A House of My Own, Katherine Anne Porter; The China You Don’t Know, Helena Kuo; The Old Home Town and Five Pretty Little Fables, William Saroyan; Churchill’s Favourite Aunt, Oliver St. John Gogarty; Dinner With Turbot, Ford  Madox Ford; Landscape – With Figures, Frederic Prokosch; Nehru of India, Krishnalal Shridharani; I Remember Christmas In Holland, Pierre Van Paassen; I Remember Christmas In Belgium,Robert Goffin; Humour – The Bomb-Proof Kind, Virginia Cowles;  They’re Human After All, Katharine Brush; Chungking’s Broadway, Clare Boothe; Ten Answers on Japan, Wilfred Fleisher; They Never Got Into My Column, Major George Fielding Eliot; But Where Is Picasso? André Géry;  Something To Remember You By, Sylvia Thompson; I Like The Circus, Paul Gallico; The Impossible Glory, Rebecca West; The Scars of London, Cecil Beaton; Gertrude Stein In France, Thérèse Bonney; Me And The French, Margaret Case Harriman; Murder In The Music Room, Samuel Chotzinoff; Art and Camouflage, Elliot Paul; Off-Stage Noises, Aline Bernstein; Sarah Bernhardt Left Them Kneeling, Laurette Taylor; File No. 113, Robert Simon;  Do Men Like Witty Women? Stephen Leacock; In A Velvet Glove, Allene Talmey; Dry Tortugas, Archibald MacLeish; Southern Exposure, Ralph McGill; Waiter, Bring Me Anything; Edward Bosley Jnr; A Wit With A Whim of Iron, The House of Vanderbilt, The Mrs. Astor I Remember, We Have With Us This Evening and Fashions in Painting, Frank Crowninshield; Fanny – You Fool! and I Sing While I Cook, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings; The Lady is An Engineer, Patricia Strauss; I Saw The Moscow Blitz, Margaret Bourke-White; The Wine-Diver, V. Shishkov; Now…Twenty Centuries Later, James Hilton; The Voice Of Africa, Stuart Cloete; Bucks County Auction, Josephine Herbst; Perennial Immortality and My Favourite Cooks, Lee Simonson; No Bed Of Roses, Isabel Paterson; Orson, The Wizard, Welles, J.P. McEvoy; Anything For A Laugh, Max Eastman;  Thanks To Casey Jones, John Mason Brown; American Women…So Pretty, Jules Romains; Renaissance Profiles, Leo Lerman; The Infant Gourmet, Sheila Hibben; The Position of Women in Music, Sir Thomas Beecham; These Grapes Need Sugar, Rex Stout;  Forty – When The Baby Was Born, Maddy Vegtel; Women of Fashion In Tehuantepec, Miguel Covarrubias; Raphaels Without Hands, The Passing of The Blops and Woman’s Place In The Dark Room, M.F. Agha; Winston Churchill’s American Mother, Millicent Fenwick; I Wanted To Draw and Embroidery, Ivy Low; Chautauqua Week, Vincent Sheean; I Remember Billy Mitchell, Major Alexander P. De Seversky; War On Our Road, Jan Spiess; What Makes An Orator? and I Remember Christmas In Austria, Leo Lania;  Who’s Loony Now, Alexander King.