Rose von Bek travels many of London’s byways, glimpsing many lives and and many worlds. At times she meets with knights of the road Dick Turpin and Colonel Jack, a man better known to his mukhamirim fellows as plain Sam Oakenhurst. Othertimes with Prince Lobkowitz or her mother Nellie in Begg Mansions, Sporting Club Square. But London is only one of many such scales of existence awaiting the adventurous Rose. One of them, perhaps Las Cascadas – pinned ‘twixt  brisk Atlantic and seductive Mediterranean – or Lost Pines Ranch, Texas, home to her eccentric uncle, will surely bring her back to the nefarious Captain Horatio Quelch, pirate of the Singularity, enemy of her kind…Ultimately, the great war between Law and Chaos, which some will call the War in Heaven, spills over into all realms of existence and the final battle is fought to determine the Nature of Reality itself.