A fascinating insight into the life and times of the men and women immortalised in the literature of King Arthur and the Round Table.  The authors present a detailed picture of the culture, weapons and places associated with Britain’s most famous king, ranging from the true sixth century origins to the romances and chronicles of the Middle Ages. Featuring original illustrations researched by the authors and painted by Richard Hook, new colour photographs of the most famous sites, and numerous black and white illustrations including archaeological reconstructions. Included is a rare list of the original names of the 250 of Arthur’s warriors, an examination of the 12 great battles fought against the Saxon invaders in the sixth century, and descriptions of the legendary and sometimes magical weapons attributed to the Celtic king and his men. A special feature, unique to this reassessment of Arthurian history and legend, is the inclusion of six new stories by the authors. Through this feature, familiar Arthurian adventures are retold in their true sixth century cultural context. Cover art by Richard Hook.