What do you do when you think our ex-lover has murdered his wife? That’s the question archeologist Ursula Gretton puts to Meredith Mitchell in the hope that Meredith’s friendship with Chief Inspector Alan Markby might cast some light on her dilemma.  But Markby is dismissive of Ursula’s suspicions concerning the disappearance of Dan Woollard’s wife – until a body is discovered in the rubbish dump near the Saxon burial ground site Woollard and Ursula have been excavating. And much to the fury of a taciturn pair of landowners, a band of New Agers have set up camp on the hill, only to disappear the day the body’s discovered.  Markby now has a tangle of conflicting clues, suspects and possible witnesses – and when a second body is found, it’s clear the web is growing ever more coplex.