The final volume in The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. From bitter defeat on the Isle of One Tree, Thomas, Linden Avery and the Giants of the Search take ship again.  But the Starfare’s Gem is crippled and, captured by the Dolewind, sets course for the perilous shifting seas of Giantish legend. The Search is led back to Land, now dangerously close to destruction from the ravages of the Sunbane. And in the fastness of Revelstone, the Clave feed the growing power of the Banefire with the blood of the Land’s people. As they are drawn to the cavern below Mount Thunder, even the white gold Covenent and Avery carry may not serve against Lord Foul’s powers – for once the wild magic is unleashed, the Arch of Time will crack and Lord Foul’s conquest of the Land is assured. Cover art by Darrell K. Sweet.