Bianca Bernini did not foresee that she would inspire her own murder when she boarded the legendary Ghan for the two day train trip from Sydney to Alice Springs. As the most read, most listened to gossip columnist in Australia. She revelled in her power to ruin the lives of eight other passengers – eight highly-placed, privileged people, who were determined to hide their secrets at any cost. What would they pay to stop the public revelations she could and would make? For K.C. Gordon, successful romance novelist, travelling is a way to recharge her batteries – meet new people, see new places, have new experiences. Wanting to set her next story in the Australian outback she starts off her trip on The Ghan hoping some of the passengers will provide inspiration for new characters. Within an hour of the rain leaving, she is reluctantly drawn into the web Bianca is weaving around her victims.  But the web is already spun. K.C. is caught up in the threads of murder – a prime witness.