From 1927 until the mid-1940s, three of the toughest women on the criminal scene ruled the underworld with iron fists. Kate Leigh, the sly grog queen, Nellie Cameron, beauty queen  and Tilly Devine – bordello queen – battled it out to become the Queen of the Underworld.  They clawed their way up, using wit, courage – and in Nellie’s case, sex appeal – to dominate the wildest and hardest men into servitude.  The war of the ladies fuelled the razor gang wars of Darlinghurst (known to the locals as ‘Razorhurst’) through their most violent years and the area was headquarters for many mobs.  The ladies themselves racked up an impressive 384 convictions between them.   The story is told by ‘Pinto Pete’ who between 1932 and 1940, lived a double life – that a clean-living, athletic young man and as a member of the dreaded Darlilnghurst Push, who terrorised East Sydney with gun, blade razor and knuckle. He knew all the secrets of the ladies – he lived with them, worked with them and in the case of Nellie and Tilly, became their lover. With black and white photos.