Australian insults, invective, ridicule and abuse as only Australians could invent!  From lords and ladies, governors and generals and even Ned Kelly – on all topics from Explosive Explorers to Royalty Rebuked.  Here is some of the real Australian history, some of it in satirical verse, such as Wowsers by Anon, 1911: For six days long they lie and cheat…And on the seventh at Church they meet…To render to the Lord their God…A threepenny bit, with a holy nod; And then they part with unctuous smile – and a prayer to prosper the next weeks guile. Or this, spotted on the headstone of an old-time Murray River settler’s grave: He revelled ‘neath the moon; He slept beneath the sun; He lives a life of going-to-do – And died with nothing done.