Eyvind’s only ambition is to become a Wolfskin – one of the greatest Viking warriors – and fight for his leader in the name of Thor the Warfather. But his friend Somerled, a strange and lonely boy, has other plans for the future. The two are bound in blood-loyalty from their childhoods. Across the western ocean Nessa, niece to King Engus of the Folk, begins to learn the Mysteries. Eyvind becomes a fearless warrior and Somerled a scholarly courtier. A voyage of discovery by Somerled’s brother Ulf brings them together again as they accompany a group of settlers across the ocean to the beautiful islands of rumour and legend. When a tragic event occurs aboard ship, Eyvind suspects it may not have been an accident. Ulf’s new settlement begins in harmony with King Engus, leader of the natives of the isles. But the peace is shattered by a brutal murder and Eyvind begins to feel the ties of his childhood blood oath when he realises what future Somerled planned for himself years ago.