With biting humour, the irrepressible Hugh Lunn recounts his 17 years before the masthead on the Australian as  Rupert Murdoch’s ‘foreign correspondent’ in Queensland. Hugh is Clark Kent – but never Superman – as he battle editors, colleagues and executives in News Corpoation’s most remote and exotic outpost of world empire. And constantly hovering over Hugh’s life is Rupert…every now and then, when he’s least expected, dropping in for his ‘terror from the sky’ visits. From close quarters in 70s and 80s, Hugh observes the rise and rise of Rupert Murdoch and by way of contrast recounts his own roller-coaster career. On this wild ride, Hugh gets sacked, hired, sacked and hired again by a cast of editors who come and go like nappies on a baby. Australians know and love Hugh: they knew he went Over The Top With Jim and fell Head Over Heels for Sallyanne. And of course every Australian knows Rupert Murdoch – and here’s what happens when two wildy disparate Australians come face to face. Illustrated with black and white photographs.