Covers a wide selection of well-known and lesser-known mysteries:  The Moving Coffins of Barbados; The Bermuda Triangle; The Disappearance of Agatha Christie; The Devil’s Footprints; Was Dillinger Shot? The Mystery of Eilean Mor (The Island Of Disappearing Men); Joan of Arc – Did She Return From The Dead? The Loch Ness Monster; The Mystery of the Mary Celeste; Where Is Mona Lisa? Orffyreus and the Perpetual Motion Machine; Psychometry – A Telescope Into The Past; Did Robin Hood Really Exist? Synchronicity or Mere Coincidence? Spontaneous Human Combustion; The Great Tunguska Explosion;  Velikovsky’s Comet; The Most Mysterious Manuscript In The World – The Voynich Manuscript; Crop Circles – Whirlwinds, UFO’s or Hoaxers?