When Ted left home at the age of 16, his mother advised him:  “Keep sweet with the cook, tell the truth at all times and be a good listener.”  He heeded this wise advice and now, he has a wonderful fund of bush tales, songs and poems from the characters he met during 40 years in  the Australian outback.  In this real-bushie volume: The Original E.T.; The Goanna Drover; Willow on Leather, Bush Style; Overseas Travel; The Two-Bottle Bog; A Skinner For The Books; The Man From Humpty Doo; The Borroloola Hermits; The Meanest Man I Ever Met; Puftaloons, Macaroons and Other High Risers; The Old S.K.; Marsupial Joe; International Brinkmanship; The Chinese Connection; The Barter System; The Shearers’ Bicycle Blowout; The Good Old Droving Days; All AMong the Wool Boys; Shim Reen; The Rules of the Bush; Bush Telegraph; The Parragundy Stiffener; News Headlines; The Perils of the Outback; The Reluctant Saddler; Original Australian Humour.