This volume contains: Tyson’s Turn, Michael D. Miller; A Step Into Darkness, Nina Hoffman; Tiger Hunt, Jor Jennings; In The Garden, A.J. Mayhew; Arcadus Arcane, Dennis J. Pimple; Recalling Cinderella, Karen Joy Fowler; The Ebbing, Leonard Carpenter; In The Land of the Leaves, Norma Hutman; Anthony’s Wives, Randell Crump; The Thing from the Old Seaman’s Mouth, Victor L. Rosemund; Without Wings, L.E. Carroll; Shanidar, David Zindell; One Last Dance, Dean Wesley Smith; Measuring the Light, Michael Green; A Way Out, Mary Frances Zambreno.  Includes commentaries by Theodore Sturgeon, Robert Silverberg, Jack Williamson and Roger Zelazny. Includes photographs from the 1984 Writers Of The Future Awards.