Stories in this volume include: Home Grown, William Brown; Like Iron Unicorns, Paul D. Batteiger; Atlantis, Ohio, Mark Siegel; Search for Research, L. Ron Hubbard; A Conversation with Schliegelman, Dan Barlow; In Orbite Medievali, Toby Buckell; Guildmaster, Dan Dysan; An Essay on Art, Judith Holman; Skin Song, Melissa J. Yuan-Innes; As the Crow Flies, Leslie Claire Walker; Mud and Salt, Michael J, Jasper; The Basic Basics of Writing, Algis Budrys; The Quality of Wetness, Ilsa J. Bick; Your Own Hope, Paul E. Martens;  Pulling Up Roots, Gary Murphy; Fame? Fortune? Chocolate? Michael H. Payne; Daimon! Daimon! Jeff Rutherford. With thirteen illustrations.