22 January 1879. Across the slopes of Isandhlwana, there came the sound of thunder. Assegai shafts pound against drum-tight shields. Fifty thousand voices cry in one dread voice the Zulu word for kill: U-SU-THU! U-SU-THU! Against the sweeping landscapes of Southern Africa, Lord Chelmsford’s army of eight thousand soldiers moves inexorably into Zululand. Their aim: to subdue a proud and unyielding warrior nation. But what starts as an imperial adventure turns into one of the bloodiest episodes in African history. It becomes a struggle to the death between Chelmsford’s Redcoats and a fearsome army of fifty thousand Zulus, fighting for their nationhood and birth right. This is the story of the tragedy and shattering human drama of that struggle. A powerful action adventure tale, it was made into the hit film Zulu Dawn in 1979.