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  • Book Club Edition, 1959.  Hardback with just jacket, corners rubbed.  Some tape ghosts and age spotting.
  • The bizarre and hauntingly beautiful sketchbook diary of Charles Altamont Doyle, father of Arthur Conan Doyle, who in 1889 was confined to the dreary Montrose Royal Lunatic Asylum in Scotland. He would spend the rest of his life in asylums but the question remains:  was he actually mad? Readers may judge for themselves: the diary, long forgotten by the family and auctioned off in a job lot of books in 1955, then stored for another twenty years - is a wondrous blend of words and watercolour, facts and fancies and exquisitely detailed depictions of fairies and birds. At the core of the quips and Punch-like cartoons is a desperately lonely man, struggling to hold onto reality by facing his fears and fantasies through the medium of his art.  Arthur's biographers have had very little to say about Charles or the circumstances that led the family to institutionalise him; what clues might the diary hold? Beautiful colour illustrations.

  • John and Percy Westerman both wrote numerous 'Boy's Own' Adventures-style stories that leave the mighty Biggles standing!   All our Westerman books are in remarkably good condition, considering they are of the golden day and age when books were handed down through and around families.
  • Fields was the kind of an actor that only comes along once in several lifetimes - a comic genius and an original anti-hero, cantankerous, pompous and ribald.  Here he lays out his proposed presidential campaign with biting wit: his views on politics, big business, marriage, babies, physical fitness and alcohol. A classic Fields comment: when asked if he liked children he replied, "Yes - but only if they're properly cooked." This is vintage Fields and his only book.

  • Sub-title:  "A Walk Around My Cluttered Mind." This is actually one of those books that tells you what's right about Australia, told by an Englishman who describes himself as 'disinherited'.  A very wry and humorous look at real places and people right off the tourist track.
  • An investigative team of malcontents, armed with state-of-the-art equipment, high-powered weaponry and a biting sense of sarcasm must work together to defeat Black Lake's monster - a 30-foot prehistoric crocodile.
  • This interesting volume covers from January 26, 1788 up to January 26th, 1938  Includes our first Anzac Day, the first gold discovery, the arrest of Captain Bligh, the return of Burke and Wills to Cooper's Creek, the inauguration of the Commonwealth and much more.  With seven illustrations.

  • ...And also 'Rhymes of the Colonial Days', all from the collection of A.B. Paterson.  A very comprehensive collection of true-blue Australian songs, with plenty of the old favourites such as The Wild Colonial Boy and The Dying Stockman as well as lesser known pieces collected from early colonial books and newspapers.  A treasury of true Australiana.
  • Published in 1967, here is a tale of over twenty thousand miles of motoring the length and breadth of Australia by Patrick and his wife in a Land-Rover.  Here they recount their adventures, the many instances of friendliness and hospitality encountered as well as observing politics, industry, developmental projects and immigration - and of course, the Australian way of life.
  • Based on Cecil Hunt's Howler Books.  This is a term that describes glaring mistakes and hilarious blunders by school children...such as: "Queen Elizabeth liked Sir Walter Raleigh so much she made him one of her nights" or this wonderful piece of literacy:  Question:  With what do you connect Lord Baden-Powell?  Answer :  A hyphen.  Or this classic observation:  "In the quarrel between Oberon and Titania I cannot waste any sympathy over Oberon because he should have known better than to start an argument with a woman".
  • An alien, Renn, relentlessly pursued across the galaxy by his sworn enemy Willard is on a desperate mission to perpetuate his otherwise exterminated race and he must find an Earth woman to carry his child. He kidnaps Annie, a young school teacher, impregnating her he then sets out to reach his ship before the child is born - due in only four days! Jack, a local cop and Annie's true love, is determined to Renn and launches a massive manhunt - and is unknowingly conned by Willard who will stop at nothing to kill Renn, Annie and the child. It becomes a race against time as Annie and Jack are caught between the powers of two alien forces in a show down.
  • Here is a collection of fair dinkum stories about - what else? - fair dinkum Aussies.  Lockwood was on the spot to write an eye-witness account of the Japanese at Darwin and to broadcast the bombshell of the Petrov affair to the world.  Some stories are tragic - some are amusing - some historical and some are supernatural - and all are fascinating.  Illustrated with black and white photographs.
  • From the authors of 1066 And All That who again prove beyond a doubt that a little learning is a humorous thing.  Here are included chapters on Myth Information, Archipelagoes and All Those, Psycho-Babycraft, The Practice and Fury of Knitting and The Truth About Birds and more.  Classic British humor.

  • This humorous collection of 150 haikus captures the psyche of cats, and distills the essence of kitty behavior in the five-seven-five scheme of classic Japanese poetry. The poems are accompanied by line drawings by Sandra Bruce.


  • Hardback, 1952 edition.  Contains previous owner's name.  First several pages have some age spotting.
  • Ronnie Clarke, an Australian airline pilot, learns that John Pascoe has crashed in the remote Tasmanian bush trying to fly help to a sick girl and is lying with a fractured skull. Ronnie decides to try and fly a doctor there despite the dangerous conditions, since he has always admired John ever since he taught Ronnie to fly.  By the time Ronnie reaches John, he has become close to the heart of the man, the secrets of his adventurous life and the two heartbreaks he has suffered.
  • Since everything old is new again, you can liven up your next do with novel party games from the fabulous Fifties. Includes pencil and paper games, word games, team games, treasure hunts and mimes.  Good clean fun all round.
  • The Roaring Twenties was a fast new era of fun, freedom and fooling around.  Youth was flaming, music was hot, life was high and sex had plenty of fans!
  • The sequel to Cheaper By The Dozen.
  • Royce, a mercenary, reluctantly leads a group of elite warriors in a mysterious mission on an alien planet.  With the exception of a disgraced physician, they are all cold-blooded killers - mercenaries, mobsters, convicts and death-squad members.  But then they are systematically hunted and eliminated by a new predator breed. Excess postage charged at the checkout will be refunded when order is processed.
  • When a full-scale war is engaged by the evil Scarran Empire, the Peacekeeper Alliance has but one hope - reassemble human astronaut John Crichton, once sucked into the Peacekeeper Galaxy through a wormhole. His task: recreate the invaluable wormhole weapon and flush the entire Peackeeper race to safety before the last war brings an end to the Universe.
  • Contains hilarious stories from such classic writers as Richard Gordon; Peter Ustinov; Anthony Trollope; Woody Allen; Spike Milligan; Tom Sharpe; 'Saki'; Dylan Thomas and more, with such intriguing titles as: The Adventures of a Christmas Turkey; The Wrong Boot; The Night The Bed Fell and Butch Minds The Baby.
  • An independent filmmaker and cast and crew are reported missing a month before the release of their controversial film predicting the end of the world. The authorities believe the film's 2012 doomsday scenario and an agent for CEA (Central Extraterrestrial Agency) discovers the film footage.  The agent watches the footage on September 10, 2012 - three months before the world is predicted to end. Excess postage paid at the checkout will be refunded when order is processed.
  • Peace and goodwill are very thin on the ground when Kerry and Missy's parents' marriage explode on Christmas Day.  The kids are farmed out to their Grans' homes:  one a peaceful country home which ceases to be peaceful when the kids arrive, and one a city apartment overflowing with  a dachshund and Ga-ga's many beaux!  Meanwhile, Mum is courted by her lawyer, who is the epitome of virtue and Dad blindly courts a man-mad, social climbing fashion magazine editor.  But all ends well when the kids take  hand in organising their parents' lives to their satisfaction!
  • Written in 1953 and set 30 years in the future, there is an inner story and an outer story: the first crowded with the great figures of the British empire and the second set in the wilds of Queensland during the rains from November to April and when a strange adventure takes place. Great Britain is till great - its people determined, tenacious and disciplined. A young airman and the girl he loves find themselves at the very hub of the affairs of Empire during the course of a very astonishing Constitutional crisis.