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  • The true story of growing up in a family of twelve children with a father who's an efficiency expert.
  • Red Boards, no dust jacket.
  • The classic tale of a horse born on a gentleman's estate and grew up petted and beloved, only to fall on evil, hard days. But Black Beauty, after years of hardship and ill-treatment, would know kindness and good care again.
  • Naval adventure story set in World War II.
  • Sir Les Patterson (a.k.a. Barry Humphries) had written a book packed with practical advice - no holds barred!  Includes advice on drinking, sex and tips for the married man.
  • Having exorcised the late Mr Stebbings, the awful wallpaper and the hideous leadlight window, Nichols sets about restoring the Georgian manor and the gardens to their former glory while braving the wrath of village locals who regard the inappropriate building additions as a monument to the late Mr Stebbings 'good taste.'  As always, Beverley is accompanied by his beloved pet cats who, of course, have their say on all events.
  • A dashing tale of Prince Charles Edward, the Pretender and his frustration at exile, his involvement in love and intrigues and his hopeless quest through Europe for help to begin a new rising in order to regain his throne.  This was Boileau's final book;  she died before completing it and it was subsequently finished by Baxter Ellis.
  • Being the story of British Heroism in voyaging and sea-fights from the time of Alfred to the Battle of Trafalgar.
  • How did a badly outnumbered and outgunned RAF manage to defeat the seemingly invincible Luftwaffe in 1940? This documentary explains how the battle was waged and won - on the ground and in the air, with rare archive and extensive air to air combat footage as well as a detailed examination of Britain's other vital defences - radar, anti-aircraft batteries, barrage balloons, civil defence and code breakers.  Excess postage paid at the checkout will be refunded when order is processed.
  • The March girls are beginning to grow up and must make their way in the wide world.  It is well known that Alcott based the character of Jo on herself and while Alcott never married, she let her alter-ego have a romance.  A perennial classic.
  • The title of this novelty item is from a saying of King Edward VII:  "I don't care what the people do, as long as they don't do it in the streets and frighten the horses."  Macdonald was frequently compared to humourist Lennie Lower, although Macdonald's humour is more sophisticated.  He also loved the comic-scope of 'the little bloke who gets pushed around'. Therefore, we see our hero being browbeaten by his bank manager, lost in the Paris underground, in Darlo Police Station and on such diverse topis as literature, travelling, eating and drinking.  With an introduction by "Nino Culotta'.
  • The Saint had decided to turn over a new leaf.  But he hadn't reckoned with Price Rudolf - nor with his old adversry's hankering for diamonds!
  • Volume 1 contains some of Poe's better-known and many of his lesser-known tales, including: The Gold-Bug; The Adventure of One Hans Pfaall; The Balloon Hoax; Von Kemelen And His Discovery; Mesmeric Revelation; The Facts In The Case Of M.Valdemar; MS. Found In A Bottle; A Descent Into The Maelstrom; The Black Cat; The Fall Of The House Of Usher; The Pit And The Pendulum; The Thousand-And-Second Tale Of Scheherazade; The Premature Burial; The Masque Of The Red Death; The Cask Of Amontillado; The Imp Of The Perverse; The Island Of The Fay; The Oval Portrait; The Assignation; The Tell-Tale Heart; The Domain Of Arnheim; Landor's Cottage; William Wilson; Berenice; Eleonora; Ligeia; Morella, Metzgengerstein; The Murders In The Rue Morgue; The Mystery Of Marie Roget; The Purloined Letter.
  • Five years after the success of The Sentimental Bloke, Dennis continued the tale of Rose, the girl Ginger Mick left behind. Inclined to recklessness and 'like to come to 'arm' the Bloke appoints himself chief rescuer - like some 'tin knight of old' and later, bumbling match-maker.  But Doreen is there, of course, to save the day. An Australian classic. With delicate black and white illustrations and a glossary of the slang of the times.

  • Mr. Rice's Secret: On a dare, 12-year old terminally ill Owen Walters sneaks into the mortuary and videotapes Mr. Rice's funeral. Later, Owen and his friends break into Mr. Rice's house to watch the video. But in the bedroom, they find a sealed envelope, addressed to Owen - a letter from Mr. Rice, written in his secret code. Mr. Rice has left Owen a medieval ring, a treasure map and a series of clues. Clues that will lead him on a surreal treasure hunt and one step closer to his destiny...which may save his life.  David Bowie, Bill Switzer. A Problem With Fear: Escalators, elevators, spaghetti dinners, talking too loudly in public, revolving doors, hiccuping, crossing the street, travelling on the subway - and - commitment. Laurie Harding is a phobic extraordinaire.  It's been years since he used an escalator...and he is able to predict events that he fears. A loaded elevator drops 30 stories. A woman's scarf is caught in the escalator and she is strangled to death. A man is hit by a speeding car just as Laurie has a premontion not to cross the road... People are dying all around him as a Fear Storm hits the city!  Absurdist comedy with plenty of pop culture satire. Paulo Costanzo, Emily Hampshire.  
  • Once upon a time, deep in an enchanted forest, Judy helped her grandmother run The Shop Under the Willow Tree, which sold everything from used birds's nests and new quills for porcupines to medicines for sick animals. But the peaceful woodland life was suddenly disrupted when Sam and charming Miss Smith (who is really a witch in disguise!) open a rival shop which lures customers away.  When Judy discovers that Same is not only cheating the animals but is also plotting her destruction, she resolves to save the woodlanders from their wickedness.  One of Nichols' fantasy trilogy for children.
  • A cruel and unforgettable tale of a man and a woman whose passion for each other drives them to murder the woman's husband. The tale is set down in the briefest, most direct prose - with flashes of brilliant imagination - the planning, the accomplishment and the sequel of the murder. First published in 1934, from the author of Mildred Pierce.
  • An amusing treatise on the history of drinking and drinking venues.
  • During an illegal weapons deal in New York City, an undercover cop is brutally murdered by a ruthless arms dealer.  The slain officer's father teams up with his son's partner to hunt down the killer who has fled to Russia. Their investigation puts them on a collision course with a black market operation to sell nuclear weapons to terrorists. With the help of a dedicated Moscow police captain, they make their way through the deadly labyrinth of the Russian Underworld as time runs out for mankind.
  • A double volume of the finest, funniest, most dramatic yarns, ballads, sayings, legends, traditi0ns and superstitions of the Australian.
  • The most magical nanny in the history of reading is up to more adventures and taking everyone along for the ride.
  • Written in 1913, this hefty novel commences:  "I was an unwanted child - unwanted as a girl at all events.  Father Dan Donovan, our parish priest, has told me all about it.  I was born in October.  It had been raining heavily all day long.  The rain was beating hard against the front of our house and running in rivers down the window panes.  Towards four in the afternoon the wind rose and then the yellow leaves of the chestnuts in the long drive rustled noisily, and the sea, which is a mile away, moaned like a dog in pain."
  • Contains plenty that could only be found in Australia:  Snake Gully's 'Dad and Dave' statues near Gundagai; the famous 'Dog on the Tuckerbox'; The Big Cod at Tocumwal and the Big Yabby at Wentworth; The Big Sapphire near Anakie and much more...and not forgetting the infamous 'Furphy.'   This book would make a great gift to relatives overseas just to prove that Australians really are a 'weird mob.'
  • A humorous domestic comedy that is not about normal life - not when Jean's husband is a famous drama critic; they have four children who behave infamously; a dog called Kelly and they live in a turetted mansion with a 32-bell carillon that plays the duet from Carmen daily at noon.  Here's plenty of slapstick about dieting, decorating and parental rights ("There's four of them and only two of us, but we're bigger and it's OUR house!") as well as hilarious observations about the world of theatre.  This was also made into a film starring Doris Day.
  • Three hit women are sent to rural Louisiana to intercept a big money dope deal.  But when they get to the isolated roadside cafe, bullets blast apart what should have been a simple transaction.  It could be a huge misunderstanding - or a deadly double-cross.  Excess postage paid at the checkout will be refunded when order is processed.